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What Information Should You Tell a Massage Therapist?

A massage therapist is a skilled practitioner, An artisan of touch, a wellness enchanter. Trained in the language of muscle and sinew, They weave relaxation, a soothing debut. Here at KEN we want to give you the massage you deserve.

When stepping into the haven of massage bliss, Communicating clearly is the first thing to do. For your therapist to ensure your comfort and care, Share these details, and let them be aware.

Medical History: Disclose your health tale, both past and present, A roadmap for your therapist, a vital crescent. Surgeries, conditions, allergies in the air, Share the chapters of your health affair.

Current Symptoms and Concerns: Are there knots, aches, or tension's reign? Describe the sensations, be it pleasure or pain. Communicate openly, don't let discomfort hide, Your therapist listens, with professional pride.

Preferences and Comfort Levels: Speak of pressure, be it firm or gentle, Your comfort, their concern, is fundamental. Temperature, music, and ambiance too, Tailor your session, let your preferences through.

Areas to Focus On or Avoid: If there's a zone of bliss or a tender space, Notify your therapist of your preferred grace. Or if certain areas are off-limits this round, A simple heads-up, a respectful rebound.

Goals of the Massage: Seek relaxation, rejuvenation, or pain relief? Share your goals; it's a collaborative motif. Whether it's stress relief or muscle repair, Your therapist crafts a session with utmost care.

Recent Injuries or Activities: If you've danced, hiked, or had a recent fall, Share the tales, big or small. Recent injuries guide the hands at play, Ensuring a session that won't lead astray.

Feedback During the Session: As the massage unfolds, let feedback flow, Too much or too little, your therapist will know. Adjustments are made with a professional art, Your comfort and satisfaction, at the heart.

In this exchange of trust, communication is gold, A dance of well-being, beautifully bold. So, with words gentle and true, Guide your therapist, let the massage renew.

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